The Cardiff Pound – what’s in it for me? (Clue: it’s not a discount)

Over the last couple of years, I've talked to a lot of people about the concept of a local currency and how it can benefit Cardiff as a whole, by making sure that more of the money we spend in Cardiff, stays in Cardiff. This brings positives to all of us; more money being spent in Cardiff means more businesses will spring up to help us spend it; more shops and businesses means more local jobs AND a greater choice for consumers on our high street; more local jobs is obviously good news…Read more

The Story So Far…

Having watched the Bristol Pound launch in September 2012, and go from strength to strength, I remember thinking ‘Why can’t we do that here in Cardiff?’ Of course, there is no reason at all why we can’t – it just needs somebody (or bodies) with the time, energy and commitment to make it happen. In early 2013, I decided, perhaps foolishly, that this person would be me, and wrote a blog post on the topic to see if there were other people out there who thought the Cardiff Pound would be a good…Read more