For Businesses

Cash payments

You can accept Cardiff Pounds in paper form any time you choose – no signup is required. You can then offer them in change to Cardiff Pound shoppers, or use them in local shops, or deposit them in your Cardiff Pound account at one of several convenient exchange points throughout the city. Remember, one Cardiff Pound is exactly the same value as £1 sterling, so they are fully interchangeable.

Electronic payments

If you sign up for a Cardiff Pound bank account, you can also accept payments electronically, with the Cardiff Pound Card – this operates just like any other bank card, so you can process payments through your PDQ. Once Cardiff Pounds have hit your account, you can use them to offer part payment of salaries, or pay other Cardiff Pound suppliers, and we hope that you will be able to pay for Council services (business rates, waste services, licensing fees etc) before too long.

For Individuals

Cash payments

Paper Cardiff Pounds can be used in exactly the same way as real money, and you can get hold of them from several convenient exchange points throughout the city. Because one Cardiff Pound is worth the same as one Cardiff pound, you don’t need to have the exact money – change can be given in either currency.

Electronic Payments

Alternatively you can choose the convenience of paying by debit card; to do this you’ll need to have opened a Cardiff Pound account with our financial partner Cardiff and Vale Credit Union. Once you have an account, you can transfer funds direct from your usual account, or even ask your employer to part pay your salary into your Cardiff Pound account! You’ll also be able to pay Cardiff Pound businesses via BACS, and we hope that you’ll be able to pay for Council services (Council tax, school dinners, etc) before too long.