How do I get hold of Cardiff Pounds?

You can exchange your money into Cardiff Pounds at one of various exchange points throughout the city, and offer them in payment at any participating retailer.

Alternatively, you can set up a Cardiff Pound account and either transfer money in yourself via standing order or BACS, or even ask your employer to pay part of your salary directly into your Cardiff Pound account.

Where will I be able to spend Cardiff Pounds?

We will be signing up local retailers and businesses throughout Cardiff so there will be plenty of opportunities to spend Cardiff Pounds locally. We’re also talking to Cardiff Council to try and find a way for Council Tax and Business rates to be payable or part payable in Cardiff Pounds.

Is this a discount scheme?

No, although participating businesses may choose to offer incentives to shop in Cardiff Pounds, this isn’t a discount scheme. For more information about why not, please see our blog post here…